Our history

While taking a look at the chronicles of the Baku International Tobacco, we are witnessing more than 90 years of history of cigarette production in Azerbaijan. Our factory, founded in 1924 and started operating, producing cigarettes. Quality products in our cigarette production is being offered based on three main principles.

  1. Excellent types of tobacco
  2. New technologies
  3. Experienced specialists
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Our Capacity

We are committed to leadership in the field we are working on. New technologies, that people get from day to day increasing consumer choices in line with quality requirements and positive changes in society, from this point of view, is one of the key factors that bring us to world standards. With the highest quality raw materials and unique technical potential available at the Baku International Tobacco receiving points, today, we meet the needs of mature people by preparing a wide range of products with reduced risk.

Our capacity – 15 billion quality cigarettes per year.

Our Tobacco

In the process of production of our cigarettes we import raw materials from the world leading tobacco growing countries such as Brazil, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria. This blend is the one used throughout the world by cigarette producers with high quality of tobaccos.

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Baku International Tobacco

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